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Silvia Marin was born and raised in a small province city from Romania, in Roman. She studied Polytechnics and then worked at the National Institute of Electrical Engineering Research.

Ever since she was a child she was interested in the after life, and she was reading books about re-incarnation and the unseen world of angels. Her passions were reading, listening music and going to the theatre. She had friends in the artistic world and she learned from them to open the inner perception and feelings.

The connection she felt with her daughter, Laura, when she was pregnant, made her want to know more about how energy works, so she took the Reiki courses and got the Mastery. Silvia studied at the Psychology Institute about mental imbalance. By doing this she got in contact with many people from the spiritual world, and made new friends. She heard about Kryon, and then about the Crimson Circle. Listening to the monthly Shouds, she realized that was her path. The materials helped her discover herself, in a totally new and conscious way. An important moment in her spiritual evolution was Crimson Circle "School I" from Bucharest. After that, her life has changed. She decided to start traveling, and she went to Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places on Earth and attended the Crimson Circle "School II. That opened up a whole lot of potentials.

While she was in Hawaii she felt a desire to bring all the information back home, so she created the Romanian Crimson Circle website. Since 2006 she is the Romanian host for Geoffrey and Linda Benyo Hoppe. This made her realize that she has an inner sense of leadership, and that her passion can gather people together. In all these years she had the chance to work with Linda, Geoffrey, Norma and the Crimson Circle Staff. They inspired her and by working with them she found a lot of acceptance, support and friendship.

A real surprise and honor was for her in 2008, when the Crimson Circle offered her the "Inspiring Global Consciousness" award. This made her discover that she was more than she thought she was and that her work really makes a difference. She attended all the CC Schools, becoming a Teacher. Now she is a Crimson Circle Certified Teacher for the following Schools : SES, Aspectology, DreamWalker Birth Transitions, DreamWalker Death, DreamWalker Ascension, New Energy Synchrotize. She is a Crimson Circle Trainer in the CC Mentor program. She has a passion for empowering people to become conscious creators.

The invitation of Adamus St.Germain to participate, to step into the "Circle of Trust" that he created in Budapest, May 2008, has inspired her to trust herself and her own feelings more than before. She created her workshop "The Mastery of Living Freely and Sovereign" for the joy of sharing with people the steps that she followed in her process of awakening and setting herself free. And of course to celebrate together our journey of Angels walking on Earth.

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