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Pleiadian Tools for Self-Realization with Christine Day
MONDAY, 05/05/2014 - 2:30 PM CST
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Christine Day

This is the 5th show of a series of 6 shows that is running over a period of 3 months designed to prepare you for what the Pleiadians are calling ‘the great shift’ which the Pleiadians are predicting to begin around June 16th.

As we move deeper into the transition that is taking place on planet Earth, the Pleiadians tell us that the time has now come for us to start mastering the energetic tools that will enable us to consciously complete our awakening and self-healing process.

The new frequencies of light and sound that are now hitting the planet are awakening us to remembrance of and reconnection with our true Selves. 

In this new twice-monthly show, international teacher, author, healer, and Pleiadian Ambassador, Christine Day, will present a new body of information and transmissions of sacred tones and codes specifically designed to act as energetic keys to unlock the information residing within the matrix of our cellular structure.   

One of the key messages of the Pleiadians is that we must accept our humanity and imperfections in order to facilitate the process of our own self-birthing into the Universal Consciousness.  By integrating these human aspects of our Self with our Higher Nature we will more easily navigate our way through this transition.


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