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Angelic Messages from the Ascended Masters with Joan and John Walker
THURSDAY, 10/10/2013 - 2:00 PM CST
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Sandie Sedgbeer

Angelic Messages from the Ascended Masters

Joan Walker is a gifted channel for the archangels and ascended masters and has used this gift personally for many years. She emerged into the public arena in 2005 as a channel and spiritual teacher by facilitating teachings and special projects for Master Kuthumi and archangels – Metatron, Michael, Zadkiel and Uriel – to guide humanity’s shift in consciousness. As a clear channel, she has been instrumental in the development of the I Am Light Curriculum and Mastering Alchemy Level 2 and 3 programs.

It was through her relationship with Jim Self that the Level 3 of Mastering Alchemy teaching was developed. Joan was chosen as the vehicle through which the many concepts of Level 3 were channeled. The developmental process began in late 2005 and continues today as more information is provided by the archangelic and master realms.

Joan also took part in Jim Self’s annual student conferences three years in a row, during which she channeled Master Kuthumi and many archangels. It was during the 11-11-11 gathering that a great triad of beings — Yeshua, Lord Maitreya and Sanat Kumara — made their presence known to the students through Joan, and facilitated the return of the Christed matrix to humanity and to Earth. 

At the specific request of Archangel Metatron, and under the guidance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters, Joan and her husband and partner John, are now being guided to expand their work to teaching, and to sharing timely and important channeled messages for the public.   

In this episode, Joan and John will reveal some of the information they have been made privy to over the years, as well as share some of the more recent and startling information that Joan has channeled. They will also answer questions from listeners and Joan will channel a message from one of the great beings. 


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